What is a Summit?

Summits are ministry “neutral,” and can perhaps be best described as a TED conference on the Great Commission, where leaders of leaders, and influencers of influencers come together, commit to put aside their little “k” (kingdoms) in order to focus on the big “K” (Kingdom of God) for the day.

Each speaker commits to pay his/her own way, and does not receive an honorarium. They have all just agreed to be “in” because the unfinished task is part of their passion and calling in life. Summit participants are typically comprised of 85% marketplace and 15% ministry leaders, seated in tables of six to eight, hearing about the macro-level view of the unfinished task of the Great Commission in five key areas.

Ultimately, the Issachar Initiative challenges those who attend a Summit to make their life Count for ZERO, so that one day there will be:

  1. Zero languages without the Scriptures
  2. Zero people groups without disciple-makers
  3. Zero people who have not heard the Gospel
  4. Zero oral learners without oral strategies, bibles, and tools
  5. Zero villages and neighborhoods without a church

At an Issachar Summit, Kingdom leaders meet shoulder-to-shoulder with business and professional leaders for a daylong exposure to the latest thinking in world missions and evangelism. Participants are not only provided with the latest research and progress reports regarding the unfinished task, but their hearts and minds are challenged by a clear vision and effective strategies that will inspire them to realize that we could see the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our lifetime!

Upcoming Summit


Minneapolis will host our next Issachar Summit!

The Issachar Summit will invite you to be men and women of action. You will be exposed to the latest thinking on the Great Commission and challenged to make a difference. Learn ways to use your expertise and influence in the Kingdom to mobilize others and get your local church involved. You will be offered a financial opportunity to invest in a “Finishers Project” that will significantly advance the Great Commission. More information coming soon!

Past Summits

  • Grand Rapids 2018
  • Birmingham 2017 (Click for Summit videos)
  • Lexington 2016
  • Virginia Beach 2015
  • Dallas 2014
  • Southern California 2014
  • Atlanta 2013
  • Charlotte 2013
  • Kansas City 2012
  • Houston 2012
  • Southern California 2012

Why bring a Summit to your city?

  • Harris Wheeler, Chair
    Great "deep dive" into all aspects of fulfilling the Great Commission. Wonderful stories of God's hand guiding Kingdom purpose. Loved the wide variety of speakers.
    Harris Wheeler, Chair
  • Doug Gehman, Executive Director/President
    Excellent! Inspiring! Informative! I'm a career mission leader with 15 years field experience and 23 more at our headquarters, and a Doctor in Missiology and I LEARNED so much today.
    Doug Gehman, Executive Director/President
    Globe International Ministries
  • Lucy Hughes
    It was excellent in engaging my mind and heart for the sake of the Gospel.
    Lucy Hughes
    Kingdom Forerunners
  • Fregy John
    Great time of learning. The Great Commission can be fulfilled in our generation.
    Fregy John
    The Timothy Initiative
  • Mart Green, Founder and CEO
    An Issachar Summit is a great place for a person to hear about collaborative initiatives that will grow the kingdom “faster, cheaper and with no loss of quality.” The power of ministries and donors partnering together is exciting.
    Mart Green, Founder and CEO
    Mardel and Every Tribe Entertainment, and an heir to the Hobby Lobby family of companies founded by Mart’s father David Green.
  • Gregg Capin, Partner
    What will it take for the Body of Christ to reach and disciple all nations? The Church is doing great things around the world, but is it doing all that it must do to accomplish this great commission of Christ? The Issachar Summit answers these questions, and many more, for business and ministry leaders alike. Join this movement to discover how the church can come together more strategically to accomplish his calling.
    Gregg Capin, Partner
    Capin Crouse, LLP
  • Doug Cobb
    Would you like to see the Great Commission fulfilled in your lifetime? Would you like to help make it happen? The Issachar Summit teaches how.
    Doug Cobb
    Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Chrysalis Ventures
  • Rev. Samuel Chiang, President and CEO
    Historians tell us, in general, that the agendas for a century are usually set in the first two decades. Issachar Summits invite marketplace leaders to set that agenda for the Great Commission.
    Rev. Samuel Chiang, President and CEO
    The Seed Company
  • Roy Peterson, President
    The movement to fulfill in our lifetime the Biblical drama of the last 4,000 years is so compelling that you will not want to miss an opportunity like this. Leave your watch at home, and make time for this!
    Roy Peterson, President
    American Bible Society
  • Brian Helstrom, Executive Director of JFHP
    Leaders who attend the Issachar Summit will find ways to exponentially add value and energy to their Kingdom strategies and will be able to engage partnerships focused on populating heaven.
    Brian Helstrom, Executive Director of JFHP
    The Church of the Nazarene
  • David Wills, President
    The Issachar Summit presents a global view of what God is doing and what is yet to be done. It is a compelling way for people to come hear about the extraordinary ways that Aslan is on the move!
    David Wills, President
    National Christian Foundation
  • Bekele Shanko, Chairman
    The Issachar Summit is a visionary event where minds are blown away by hearing what God is doing around the world, hearts are encouraged by meeting the courageous people who work in some of the most difficult places, and hands are open to take action toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our generation. I attended my first Issachar Summit last year in 2012 and that's what happened to me!
    Bekele Shanko, Chairman
    Global Alliance for Church Multiplication
  • Steve Woodworth, President and Owner
    If you want the people of your city to know the frontlines of what God is doing in the world and find their part in it, there's no better way than to invite them to an Issachar Summit.
    Steve Woodworth, President and Owner
  • Bryant Wright, Senior Pastor
    The hour is now. The opportunity to reach the unengaged and unreached people groups of the world is greater than ever. Don’t miss out on what God is doing.
    Bryant Wright, Senior Pastor
    Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Drew Dusebout, Director
    Jesus calls us to "Go Make Disciples of all Nations." Issachar Summits provide a venue where the body of Christ can join together and gain awareness about the progress the Global Church is making in this regard as well as be inspired and equipped to use our God-given talents and resources to bring the gospel to those who have yet to hear the truth of Jesus Christ.
    Drew Dusebout, Director
    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Santa Barbara
  • Charles Madinger, Associate Director
    The Issachar Initiative does not engage in using the local church (of the city), but works with the local church to realize the only growth that makes a difference: nations/peoples without God and without hope in the world transformed into nations/peoples bringing hope and transformation to the world.
    Charles Madinger, Associate Director
    International Orality Network

What is required to host a Summit in your city?

It begins with an invitation! Most of the cities in which a Summit has occurred came about at the invitation of key leaders who had attended a Summit previously. Inspired by the event, they desired to see it repeated in their own hometown.

Once contact is made with one or two leaders, we will come and cast vision for what a Summit will accomplish … what the possible impact might be. From that initial meeting, a host committee is formed and our event manager beings the six-month process of bringing the Summit to your city. Since this is a “break-even” event for Issachar, location (able to seat 300-400 at round tables), meal cost (continental breakfast and lunch), and local support (volunteer coordinators) are critical factors in determining the cost of registration.

Of course, there are many more details in our extensive planning matrix, but no worries…we will work with you every step of the way!