Issachar Summit Minneapolis

October 3, 2019


Global University

Who should attend the Summit...

The Summit program features strategic ministry leaders and Kingdom investors. All marketplace leaders and ministry/church leaders who want to hear the progress of the Great Commission and vision about how they can be involved are encouraged to attend. Attendees will be challenged to innovate and collaborate in new, extraordinary ways as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation.


99.7% of mission activities and funds are directed toward growing the Church where it already exists.

Only 0.3% of mission resources are focused on taking the name of Jesus to places where the Church is least, not yet.

The Summit

A day-long exposure to the latest thinking in the world of missions, led by business leaders and ministry pioneers

Accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission by clarifying where we need to send people and give funds

Discussions around tables and TED-style talks that are short and concise

The Issachar Summit will invite you to be men and women of action. You will be exposed to the latest thinking on the Great Commission and challenged to make a difference. Learn ways to use your expertise and influence in the Kingdom to mobilize others and get your local church involved. You will be offered a financial opportunity to invest in a “Finishers Project” that will significantly advance the Great Commission.

Leaders | Speakers (partial list)