Target a Miracle

God can take the knotty tangle of human error and unravel it to His own glory. Isn’t that exactly what the whole of Scripture tells us? But the mystery of it all is that He is pleased to use humans in that process.

And one of the most critical ways we can join in His work is through prayer.

In the hill country of south-central Cameroon, the Bakossi people recently dedicated their New Testament. Now it’s always good news when a group of people who never had Scripture receives God’s Word in their language. But it wasn’t just good news for the Bakossi — it was downright miraculous!

In its early days, the translation project hit a wall when we learned that some of the local personnel had misused project money. Seed Company administrators immediately identified the problem, and with strict guidelines for accountability and a serious commitment to financial integrity, they took decisive action and halted the translation.

But Ernie Frederick, a layman-advocate for the project and its most zealous prayer warrior, begged us to reconsider. “Look,” Ernie reasoned, “God wants the Bakossi to have the Scriptures. Let’s pray that God will break through, because the devil’s obviously winning this battle. I believe with prayer, we can turn this around.”

We give up too easily sometimes. It really hurts when we’ve trusted somebody and then that person deceives us. We can get really angry with them. That is not where we should direct our wrath. We need to get upset enough with the devil to do something about it! Then ask God to show us where the victory is in it.

That’s what Ernie did. He took a team to Cameroon to wage war against the enemy. They walked around the village, and through the village. They prayed. They trusted God, and He raised up new personnel to complete the translation.

Watch Ernie’s inspiring story: Click Here

We need to focus prayer where the opposition is greatest. The enemy will shift tactics, so we’ve got to keep shifting our prayer emphasis. Aim your artillery where the battle is the most intense, and that’s where you’ll see miracles.

Bernie May is founder of The Seed Company and former President of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Call to Action

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