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Count for Zero Curriculum

"In this fast-paced world in which we live, I’m sure that each of us wants to make the most of the time we are given.  With so many critical needs around the world, how would you ever decide where to connect in order to make a real difference? That is where the Count for Zero small group curriculum can help.  This material will help you understand the needs facing the Church in such a way that enables you to prioritize your attention accordingly.  Make your life count.  Make it Count for Zero."

- David Denmark, Executive Director, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

Make Your Life Count For Zero

Count for Zero Stories

Count for Zero Stories is a place where individuals, companies, churches and organizations can watch and share videos of how they and others are making their lives Count for Zero. For additional information, visit the CFZ Stories Page.

Count for Zero Stories

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Count for Zero Organizations

Count for Zero Organizations is a resource to help inform Kingdom investors whom God is drawing into His work among the UUPGs. Evangelical ministries and mission organizations (both domestically and internationally) are being invited to self-vet their projects and initiatives against three established criteria, and commit to being a Count for Zero organization.

For additional detailed information, visit the CFZ Organizations Page.

Join with organizations like Mars Hill Productions, YWAM Frontier Missions, International Orality Network and World Mission to count for zero.

Make Your Organization Count For Zero

Count for Zero Curriculum Intro Video

"A deep, practical and very user-friendly tool to help every believer understand what it will take to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime. Full of strategic insights, relevant scriptures and timely reports, Count For Zero will not only give you greater clarity on Jesus' call to reach the world with the Good News, it will also encourage and empower you to take tangible steps to fulfill your part in His plan today."

- Hala Saad, Founder & CEO, Vision Communications International

Make Your Life Count For Zero