Introducing the Count For Zero Small Group Curriculum

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Welcome to a six-session study on the Great Commission. For hundreds of years committed Christians have gone to the ends of the earth in response to our Lord’s command to take the Gospel to everyone... everywhere!

During the next few weeks we hope that you will be captured by the vision of a world that is increasingly being reached with the Message of the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

We pray that you will become men and women of Issachar. More than 3,000 years ago, God raised up a cadre of 200 men and their families, from the tribe of Issachar, to give leadership to His people because they “Understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”


ZERO languages without the Scriptures

ZERO people groups without Disciple Makers

ZERO oral learners without an oral Bible

ZERO villages or neighborhoods without a church

ZERO people who have not heard the Gospel

Week 1

The challenge of the great commission

This study is dedicated to helping Believers understand what God has told us to do regarding His Great Commission. Like the men and women of Issachar in the Old Testament, we need to know what the church should be doing in the day in which we live. How are we doing in making disciples in every nation, preaching the Gospel to every person and establishing a church in every neighborhood?

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Week 2

Scripture Translation & Orality

Scripture translation, both written and oral, is essential to the completion of the Great Commission. Regular Bible reading results in life change. Explore how you can fund translation efforts for the languages that have no Scriptures.

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Week 3


Each person needs to determine how he or she will be involved in personal evangelism. In this session we will explore a) giving our personal testimony, b) becoming an on-line missionary, c) giving away films to friends and neighbors, d) using short films to open spiritual conversations and many more. Secondly, we will discuss about the role of media and the response of people globally. Finally, we will explore how to use storytelling as a means of presenting the Gospel.

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Week 4

Reaching Unengaged People Groups & Planting the Church

We can’t “make disciples of all nations” if we don’t send workers to all nations. It has been 2000 years since Jesus came to earth. How much longer will these people groups have to wait before we take them the Gospel? Who exactly are these people groups and where do they live?

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Week 5

Intentional Giving

In this session we will explore the need for unity within the body of Christ so that non-Christians would know that Jesus came from God, and that He loves them as much as He loves Jesus. You will see the opportunity that to extend the Kingdom, means to begin giving toward those areas that have been most neglected.

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Week 6

Getting Involved

Consider the significance of becoming men and women of Issachar, who understand from the Scripture what it is we are supposed to do as it relates to the Great Commission and is generally aware of the progress the global church has been making in each of these elements. Believe that every neighborhood and village deserves to have its own local church where believers can be brought to maturity in Christ.

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Count for Zero Endorsements

I encourage every church to teach these materials on the Great Commission. They will be blessed.
Loren Cunningham, Co-Founder, Youth With A Mission (YWAM)
This Zero study is intentional, practical, and one of the most relevant resources to help connect you to the Great Commission. It will surely ignite a deeper passion and commitment for reaching the unreached.
Dr. Bob Botsford, Senior Pastor, Horizon Christian Fellowship
No generation in all of history has had the opportunity of ours … that of fulfilling the Great Commission in this lifetime. However, over one billion people have never heard the name “Jesus Christ” and an estimated four billion are trapped in false religions. At long-last there is a focused and collaborative strategy to make the gospel available to all people. I would encourage – no urge -- every pastor and every believer to explore this exciting course, to learn, participate and pray ... to become man and women of Issachar in this age. The days are short. We cannot let this moment pass!
Walt Wilson, Founder & Chairman, Global Media Outreach
I urge every follower of Jesus to take this transformational course because we are living in an era of unprecedented opportunity to see the Great Commission fulfilled. All who love Jesus deeply want to make his dreams come true. True love is best described as living to make your beloved's dreams come true. God dreams of zero: zero unreached, zero unengaged, zero untouched by the transforming message of the gospel. This study program will equip you to live your life fruitfully. It will enable you to make your life really, really count as you participate in making God's dream of zero a reality in this generation.
David Joel Hamilton, Vice President for Strategic Innovation, University of the Nations