Seek ye the one percent

by Katie Hearth with DOOR International In Luke 15, the parable of the lost sheep teaches so many beautiful things about the depth of God’s love. The shepherd leaves behind the majority of his flock and livelihood to seek out one lost sheep. God clearly treasures the lost one percent.

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Target a Miracle

God can take the knotty tangle of human error and unravel it to His own glory. Isn’t that exactly what the whole of Scripture tells us? But the mystery of it all is that He is pleased to use humans in that process. And one of the most critical ways

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Shared technology to reach the Deaf and the world

It may seem strange to some that a ministry called Faith Comes By Hearing would be a part of a worldwide outreach to the Deaf community. But God’s plans are always perfect and we at Faith Comes By Hearing just try to be faithful servants in following His lead. That’s

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Scripture Translation Brings Understanding

As Léonard read, he became aware of a growing stillness; then some of the women began to weep. At the end of the service they rushed up to him and asked, “Where did you find this story? We have never heard anything like it before!

Scripture Translation Breakthrough

Like Joshua, we’d not been this way before. Here we were running full speed ahead with a plan that just might get God’s Word in edgewise to a people group who didn’t have the Gospel in their language.

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