The People God Loves

The world is a big place and the population of the world is so great it boggles the minds of most of us. How could God love every one of the seven billion people in the world? And yet He does. And He has called us in Christ to announce

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Mapping the Great Commission

As the missions community has focused on the least reached areas of the world, there has been a greater reliance on the tracking of information concerning languages and unreached people groups. For over forty years, mission researchers have been collecting information on languages, their locations and the peoples who speak

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Responding to Seismic Events

Seismologists look at different parts of the world in terms of seismic hazard or, in other words, they assess the risk that an earthquake event will take place. These hazards relate to the underlying structure of the earth’s tectonic plates and they compile evidence on the frequency and nature of

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A Simple Guide to People Group Lists

How many people groups are there in the world?  How many are unreached?  Which numbers are correct and which list of people groups is “right”?  The varying answers to these questions can cause confusion in the missions community.  The Lord has graciously provided the global missions community with several sets

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