Spiritual Equipping for Mission

Over the past few decades, considerable global momentum has been building related to the Great Commission. Networks, strategies, partnerships and niche ministries have been raised up to focus on specific needs. More believers around the world are being activated in cross-cultural ministry than ever before. We praise the Lord for

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Target a Miracle

God can take the knotty tangle of human error and unravel it to His own glory. Isn’t that exactly what the whole of Scripture tells us? But the mystery of it all is that He is pleased to use humans in that process. And one of the most critical ways

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The Eyes of a Crocodile

Often times we assess a specific situation with our God-given intelligence only to be completely surprised at what was really right in front of us the whole time. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of strategies, action plans, research projects, or experience we have—we get “duped!” Whenever I get

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MISSION NETWORKS: Connecting the Global Church

Do you have a vision to reach an unreached people group or a particular part of the world?  If it is a God-sized vision, then it is a vision far too big for just one church or ministry to accomplish alone.  It will take working together with others in the

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Pray for the Unreached

Dr. Ralph Winter challenged Christians to be intentional about their commitment to the Great Commission, especially the unreached people groups. He recommended doing something daily to keep the task in front of us. He developed the Global Prayer Digest (GPD) as a devotional tool to pray daily for an unreached

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The Indispensable Key to the Unfinished Task

The believers headed out two by two for another day among members of their community, hoping to find some who would go a bit deeper in conversation so they might share the hope of Jesus within them. Until now, there had been nothing but rejection and coldness—no interest at all.

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The Issachar Initiative and the Necessity of Prayer

In his classic book, Intercessory Prayer, James McClure makes a startling declaration: “The history of the Christian church never has been completely written. The deeds done by men in the name and for the sake of Christ have been told. These deeds make a remarkable record: the record of all

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Faithful For 60 Years

In the 1930s, while Cameron Townsend was establishing Wycliffe’s work in Mexico, Jenny and her husband were planting a church among the Yazai* people of Southeast Asia.  Understanding, as Uncle Cam did, the need for Scripture in the mother tongue, they devised an alphabet and translated a catechism and the

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Praying for the Dubu

Back in the early 1980s when I had just been appointed president of Wycliffe Bible Translators, I attended a strategic planning seminar for young executives. The instructor began with a rather obvious question, “What is the goal of your organization?” That was easy. Wycliffe’s mission was (and still is today)

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