The Legacy of Giving

Every one of us is leaving a legacy to those who come after us. It’s a truth that has been burned into my mind from the days when my three sons were young, over two decades ago. I have made that my focus as a business leader, a financial advisor,

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Preparing for a Wave of Generosity

We live in an unprecedented era, a time never seen before in the history of the world as women are entrusted with growing influence. Three formidable trends contribute to this expanding capacity.  #1 Rapid rise in wealth owned by women in America and globally.  Women own over half of all

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The Multiplier Factor

Thirteen people gather in a modest living room in central China. Their huge task is to reach and disciple an unreached people of several million. Thinking about this brave small group, we might be reminded of the boy’s bread and fish in John 6: “…how far will they go among

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Spiritual Equipping for Mission

Over the past few decades, considerable global momentum has been building related to the Great Commission. Networks, strategies, partnerships and niche ministries have been raised up to focus on specific needs. More believers around the world are being activated in cross-cultural ministry than ever before. We praise the Lord for

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Church Planting Holistically, as Jesus Would

Loving a person’s need is easy. And frankly, sharing Jesus with someone shouldn’t be difficult—we’re simply speaking words. But truly loving a whole person, now that’s challenging. It’s the second greatest commandment, and the second most difficult to live—“Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:34–40). (The only thing harder to

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Business as Mission

This article is a part of the November 2013 issue of the Lausanne Global Analysis. Access other articles from this issue or download the full issue as a free PDF download. Business as Mission, BAM, is a new term but the underpinning concept is nothing new. Business as Mission is

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Building Your Church’s Capacity for the Long Haul

*This is the fourth of five articles targeted at church leaders. Catch up with last week’s in case you missed it: Here. Check back weekly for the latest article in the series.  I like to compare taking the gospel to an unreached people to climbing a mountain. Selecting the peak is

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Seven Ways Toward Successful Cross-Cultural Partnerships

*This is the third of five articles targeted at church leaders. Catch up with last week’s in case you missed it: Here. Check back weekly for the latest article in the series.  1. Gain specific new skills. Some Christians mistakenly assume that engaging in cross-cultural partnership requires neither new knowledge nor new skills. After all,

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Churches that Go the Distance in Counting for Zero

*This is the first of five articles targeted at church leaders. Check back weekly for the latest article in the series.  “We have never signed on to anything as big as reaching a whole people with the gospel,” church leaders often admit. “Sure we’ve done projects, gone on missions trips,

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Why Churches Must Think About Mobile Digital

What if you knew with absolute certainty that twenty years from today every person in the world would be carrying or wearing, 24/7, a smart device (phone, watch, glasses, or some yet-to-be-invented device)? How would that fact influence your missional engagement strategy around your church, community and world? How would

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