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Making Jesus Famous Among the Nations

This is an article from the May-June 2014 issue of Mission Frontiers. The 7,000 distinct unreached people groups of the world reflect the incredible complexity, diversity, and greatness of our God. One media form will not reach them all. As we pursue the task of world evangelization, we must identify major priorities, ideally

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Learning From My Own Mistakes

This is an article from the May-June 2014 issue of Mission Frontiers. They were not Hearing Over a decade ago, I was traveling through Mozambique speaking to an audience that had traveled some distance. While preaching through a portion of Nehemiah, I noticed many were falling asleep during point one of

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5 Intentional Ways to Count for Zero

Today there are 2.3 billion believers today who call themselves followers of Jesus. There are 5 million churches, 43,000 denominations and over 12 million full time Christian workers, yet 99.7 % of all ministry financial support goes to building and maintaining the existing Church. Only .3% is spent on extending

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Partnership Training for Oral Cultures

This is an article republished from the Volume 3, Number 1 2014 issue of the Orality Journal. It’s often helpful to tell the end of a story first. Pastor Nariram Luhar, a leader in western Nepal, shares: When I returned home from Tree of Life training, I took a burden

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Reaching Oral Peoples

About 10 years ago I started going to East Asia with the purpose of distributing Bibles and other life giving materials to tourists who were outside their country on vacation.  After receiving the materials, nearly every person carried the packet of materials with them back into their home country.  Prior

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Heard by 80% of the World

When I was younger and growing up in a missions minded church, I heard about the unreached people groups.  I was fully drawn into reaching them.  My senior pastor at that time used to always say ‘Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice, before everyone has heard it once?’  I

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When Hearing is Believing

They say that seeing is believing. Both my mother and my wife are from Missouri, known as the “Show Me” state, so you would think that I have ample reason for accepting the veracity of the statement even if it isn’t entirely Biblical. Maybe it is the Missouri Mule in me, or as I have preferred to think, a loftier notion of faith, but I have always poo-poo-d that notion. Yet in one day last month I discovered beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only is seeing believing, but hearing is believing too.


A 4 Billion Person Need

I keep hearing about oral learners, orality, oral cultures in missions.  What is this about and why is it so important? Orality is a term that we use to define methods of communicating to people that learn through spoken voice.  It is a broad term – sometimes simplified as “storying”

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Are we training pastors wrong?

By Mark Snowden In India, Pastor Dinanath explained that he spent over two years in a Bible College. When he returned home, the congregation could not understand his sermons and there was little fruit; converting the lost was hard work. After a Bible Storying workshop, he changed what was taught

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Discipleship Using Audio Drama Bible

As world evangelism moves into the final frontiers, we will be confronted with the reality that much of the remaining task will involve areas where few people can read their own language. In fact, already some 60% of the estimated 5 million churches in the world exist in regions where

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Orality: a Key to Heart-level Communication

More and more missionaries are finding that orality is a key to church planting and discipleship among unreached people groups. However, when most people hear the term “orality” they assume it is the opposite of “literate,” a synonym for “illiterate.” But orality is much broader than reading or not reading,

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