Strengthening pastors: the epitome of missions strategy today

Training at a pastors conference in Bangladesh some time ago, we were thanking the Lord for 616 pastors from 19 different denominations—a first in that great Muslim land! I came upon a man who introduced himself as “Pastor Islam.” “Eight months ago,” he said, “I was a Muslim. Now I’m

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Pastoral Training: A Domino Effect

I was in Beijing recently and a friend there said, “Ramesh, between the countries you and I represent, one-third of the future population of hell exists.” Hell is a dastardly doctrine that I personally wish I could remove. But the Scriptures are convinced, so I must adjust my sentiment to

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“Give Us a Church!”

Would you like to experience an adventure in reaching this lost world for Christ? Recently, 16 year old Joel Coates walked through the crocodile infested lowlands of the River Turkwell.  (Don’t tell his Mom.)  This is in the far north of Kenya. Joel’s Dad, Randy, was with him.  Randy Coates

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ZERO Neighborhoods or Villages

Jesus prayed that we may be one as He and His Father are one (Jn. 17:22). In response to Jesus’ prayer as well as sensing the need to work together in the harvest, likeminded churches and mission organizations have formed a Global Alliance for Church Multiplication in September 2011. The Alliance

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